Hire a Virtual Ministry Assistant for Your Church, Ministry or Business. 

Why Ministry Assistant Services?

Are you ready to hire a virtual assistant for your church?

Maybe you need support with social media, website updates, or database management. Maybe you are looking for personal service so that tasks that normally bog you down don't fall through the cracks. Maybe you are just sick of dealing with email constantly!

We get it.

Our team of virtual assistants are ready to help your church and non-profit with various administrative tasks. We can save you hours during the week and provide the solutions you are looking for.

Unique Project Management

​What makes Ministry Assistant Services unique is that when you hire us, you are hiring our entire team. We use a project manager based model so you are assured of always having the best our team has to offer. No office space? Not a problem! Our virtual assistants can help take any of your administrative tasks and get them done quickly and efficiently.


Lower Pricing

​Since we work extensively with churches and non-profits, we intentionally keep our prices lower, have a flexible contract, and will do our best to accommodate your needs. No need to pay for a full time staff member. Off-site virtual assistants help save churches valuable money.


A heart for the Gospel

Everyone on our team has a heart for Jesus and the work of the local church. We understand the unique challenges and needs facing churches and non-profits today. In fact, we were the first VA company to work exclusively with churches and non-profits. We want to empower leaders of the local church to take back their time and step into their calling and we believe the key is using a virtual assistant.

Experience with every type of ministry

For the past six years we have worked with hundreds of clients from small, rural churches to megachurches across the world. We look forward to working with you too. We stay up to date with the newest trends in VA work so that we can provide for you the best possible service.

How Can Our Virtual Assistants Help Your Church?


Schedule your week ahead of time with your virtual assistant. It's easy to forget things when you're juggling a million tasks, but by scheduling them out in advance, it'll save so much stress come the end of the day! Letting your VA know what needs doing and where they need access will help make sure that all is taken care of properly from beginning to end.


Your VA can take a quote or scripture verse from your Sunday message and share it on all three of the Church’s social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. They also make sure to search each network for any upcoming birthdays so that you don't forget about them!


Tired of having a website that is never updated? Our team can help make sure your church website is up to date and actually works for you!


Whether you need help in setting up online giving or support getting your service pushed to Facebook, we can help set you up in the ever changing landscape of virtual church ministry.


Each day, we help church ministries stay on top of their paperwork by working with them on reports, presentations and more. We want to alleviate your burden so that you can dedicate your time to the ministry work that needs doing.


You love being on top of things. Well, a virtual assistant can help you tame the chaos that is your inbox. They will set up email filters, organize and file messages from social media or virtually any other outlets with DM for easy access at a later time, keep tabs on deadlines so that nothing slips through the cracks- working while you're out doing what matters! No more email issues.

Who are we?


My name is Daniel Pandolph. I was a youth pastor for many years and now teach Bible at a local Christian high school. I am also the CEO of Ministry Assistant Services. When I was ministry, it often felt like I had no one to rely on. Volunteer help, while well-meaning, felt unreliable. I needed assistance. But who could I turn to?

That's why my wife and I started Ministry Assistant Services.

My wife and I started Ministry Assistant Services over six years ago with the desire to help pastors who were struggling with burnout reclaim some time with their family, friends and mentors. We were the very first VA agency to specialize in helping churches and non-profits and have helped hundreds of clients since starting.


Since that time we have seen so much fruit grow from churches who have chosen to employ our administrative team. We know that just a little bit of support in ministry can transform pastors' ministries. Good admin help is hard to find and we believe in providing the highest quality possible.

Amplify Your Ministry

Are you bogged down with day-to-day ministry tasks that can be handled by someone with ministry and administrative experience? Are you ready to free yourself up to focus on the things you're good at -- the things that God has called you to do? Our church ministry virtual assistants can make it happen!

Discover Your Abilities

Are you a big-picture leader? Are you a vision-caster? Do you need more time to focus on your teaching? Your ministry goals? The people in your church? 


We're thrilled to offer church virtual assistant services that free you up to focus on what matters most to you and your church. 

Invest In What Matters

What are the top 5 things you hope to accomplish in your ministry?


What are the top 5 things that you spend the most time investing in that TAKE AWAY from time you could be investing in your ministry goals?


How can our virtual ministry assistants come alongside you and help you focus on what matters most to you and your ministry?

Save Time and Money

At Ministry Assistant Services, our virtual ministry assistants provide needed help to churches all over the country.


Our goal is to assist churches that may or may not have the resources for a full-time administrative assistant. And to provide personal assistant services to pastors who need the extra time to focus on what matters most.


We strive to live out the Gospel by encouraging, empowering and freeing up pastors to do the work that God has called them to.

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