Biblical Research & Writing


At Ministry Assistant Services, we are passionate about helping pastors do what they do best. Need more time to focus on people? Evangelism? Church programs? Looking for a way to carve out more time for your family? We can provide compiled research based on the area of study you choose so that you can pursue your passions and do what God has called you to.

Sermon Research

 Are you writing a topical sermon or working through a book of the Bible? We provide a thorough report based on your topic.


 Reports can include:

  • Word Studies

  • Exegesis 

  • Statistics, Stories, Quotes

  • Cultural Connections

  • Insight based on Bible commentaries, etc.


 To request a sample report or discuss how we can assist you in your sermon preparation, call or contact us here.

Teaching Research

 Teaching a class or Bible study? We can help.

 We can provide:

  • Research Reports (see sermon research)
  • Powerpoint Presentations, Handouts, etc.


 To request a sample report or discuss how we can assist you in your teaching preparation, call or contact us here.

Book Summaries

Interested in reading a book, but don't have the time to do it? We can read, summarize and report back to you as concisely or with as much detail as you prefer.


Request a sample book summary or let us know which book you'd like us to research by contacting us here.

Curriculum Writing

Looking for material specific to your topic of study? We write custom curriculum for small groups, bible studies, Sunday school & more!


Got something in mind? Contact us here.

Policy & Procedure Writing

What do you expect of your volunteers and staff? Do the members of your team know their responsibilities? Outlining policies and procedures is important!


We can create:

  • Volunteer Handbooks

  • Staff Handbooks

  • Job Descriptions

  • Program Outlines or Proposals


To learn more about policy & procedure writing, or to pitch us your project, call us or contact us here.

We would love to connect with you and find out how we can help you in the areas of research and writing. Contact us here.
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