Below you will meet a list of our virtual assistants and project manager "ninjas." The team we have assembled loves Jesus, loves the local church and is looking forward to serving you.

Our project managers each supervise and assign the tasks to our virtual assistants. Project mangers serve as your point of contact for all needs. 

CEO and Ministry Assistant Coordinator 

Ruby Gaytan

Ministry Assistant


Selina Mills

Ministry Assistant


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Daniel Pandolph

CEO and Trainer of Administrative Ninjas.

Casey King

Financial Ninja

Leah Borg

Project Managing Ninja

Baxter  Mcguirt

Bible Researching Ninja

Cyndi Kirby

Ministry Assistant Ninja

Billy Spriggs

Ministry Assistant Ninja

Candace Kurtz

Project Managing Ninja

Chrissy Cosner

Project Managing Ninja

Kristen Sigourney

Ministry Assistant Ninja

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