Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Church, Ask These Questions

Are you looking for a way to save time and money? Do you need someone to help with clerical duties, but don't have the time or resources to do them yourself? If so, consider hiring a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are people who work from home and help their clients with a variety of tasks, from online research to data entry to customer service. Before you hire a virtual assistant, make sure you ask these questions:

Do You Want to Hire Freelance or Go Through an Agency

The very first thing you need to consider when hiring a virtual assistant is if you want to go through a website like Fiverr or if you want to go through an agency.

Using Fiverr

The very first option is to go to a place like Fiverr. When you go to Fiverr you can find people who have reviews already established about their virtual assistant skills and abilities. It has a great search function and it allows you to find somebody who oftentimes can work at a very affordable rate for you.

Now there are some downsides to hiring somebody directly from Fiverr. First, even with the reviews, you may not find somebody with your exact core values. Or, if you find somebody

with your values, you're still not entirely sure if they are the right person. Have they been vetted? What's their skill set? Hiring an agency can alleviate these concerns.

Choosing Someone Off of Google

The second option is to look for individuals that you can hire by simply Googling "virtual assistants for hire." You can find the occasional person who set up their website and who is advertising their virtual assistant skills.

Now you can easily find an amazing virtual assistant this way. However, there are problems. You might find that they're going to charge a little bit higher premium cost. Also, they're dealing with so many different clients that they may not have time to work just for you.

One final problem and this is the same problem that those who are on Fiverr also have is that if that virtual assistant gets sick or is unavailable, there is no backup readily available.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Agency

The third option is to hire a virtual assistant agency. Now there are two different types of agencies you will need to consider.

Hiring An Agency that Uses Overseas Help

First, some agencies specialize in hiring a virtual assistant for you and they typically hire from overseas.

This is good because you can find virtual assistants who are willing to work for very, very little wages.

Often, these are virtual assistants who come from either India or the Philippines. They can charge as little as ten dollars an hour. That's phenomenally cheap.

Now there are some complications. First of all, there's the English barrier. While this isn't necessarily the case for every virtual assistant, it can happen where you find somebody who is not as proficient in English, and for issues like church communication that can be a really big deal.

The second issue is that many times you do not have an option to hire somebody who shares your same values. So while you're getting a virtual assistant at an affordable price you are not necessarily having someone who aligns with the values of your ministry.

Hiring An Agency that Uses U.S Help

The other option is to go with an agency that specializes in hiring within the United States. There are a lot of phenomenal agencies that do this.

They can range in price (with some of the more expensive agencies charging upwards of $50-$80 per hour). That is out of the budget of many churches.

Other agencies are gonna charge you per task. If you have a "one-off" task this can be an effective and financially smart choice. However, these agencies are often too expensive for many churches if you have recurring tasks.

One question to ask agencies is how they handle VAs who are sick or unable to work. Some agencies have an entire crew of individuals that can step in at a moment's notice to take in or take off those tasks.

However, that's not always the case. Some agencies silo out their individuals so that if you hire one virtual assistant, you're just getting that virtual assistant.

There are a lot of perks of also going through an agency. Not only getting are you getting an agency backing, but you typically can trust that this agency has vetted the VA properly and can vouch for the quality of their work.

Also, most agencies are comfortable being able to swap somebody out if a virtual assistant is just not working for you.

The downside is that you're going to pay a little bit more for these services, but the protection and peace of mind, in my opinion, are worth it.

Why Ministry Assistant Services Is Your Best Option.

Ministry Assistance Services is different than other agencies. How?

We use what's called a "project manager model."

What this means is that when you contract with us, we give you a project manager and not just a virtual assistant.

Under this project manager is an entire team of virtual assistants. That way the project manager is going to do the bulk of the work.

But the team of virtual assistants can step in at a moment's notice and take on tasks that the project manager isn't as proficient in.

This is one of the perks of using this kind of model. You're not just stuck with the skill set of one virtual assistant. You have a bunch of team members coming together and working together, but for one low cost.

We don't charge per task either, we charge per hour. We found that long term this is a lot more affordable for churches regardless of the size. Two to three hours a week can take a lot off your plate.

We also only hire Christians, people who are dedicated and committed to the local church. This way, you know when you're working with us that this is a team that is committed to working with the local church and is dedicated to seeing the gospel spread.

Interested in working with us? Click here to submit an inquiry and we'll schedule a time for a brief 10-20 minute conversation. We can get started right away!

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