Our "Brand" is Ministry

When we first started Ministry Assistant Services four years ago, my wife and I asked the question "How do we position ourselves within the larger virtual assistant world?" We knew we wanted to help pastors and advance the kingdom of God. We saw that need and we wanted to address it. Four years later, things haven't changed for us. That is what our "brand" is all about and always will be--our "brand" is ministry. We aren't trying to get fancy. We don't try to elevate our prices in order to increase our bottom line. We don't want to ONLY deal with big clients with massive budgets (though we have those). We are interested in the small churches with only 20-50 people in attendance. We love the churches with an older demographic. We adore the church plant that is attracting millennials. We are pumped about the itinerant evangelist, the parachurch organization--every one who is passionate about advancing the kingdom. We aren't trying to be cool (though I think we are pretty cool). We aren't trying to be flashy. We just want to do work with excellence and efficiency so that your ministry can focus on what it does best. This is part of our DNA at Ministry Assistant Services. We have a set of team principles that we continually reference as a company. Part of that principle says:

We want to help those who feel like they are drowning. We want to free up pastors who just don’t have time. We want to give families their dad and mom back. We want to prevent pastoral burnout. We want to save the church time and money. We want lives to be transformed because the leadership could STOP worrying about the administrative details and focus on the people.This is OUR ministry.This is who we are. Always. Forever. No matter how big we get.

So, are you looking for a VA team who cares about your ministry as much as you do? Reach out today by scheduling a brief 20 minute call with me so I can learn more about your unique ministry needs! I am looking forward to talking with you! -Daniel Pandolph

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