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It's hard to find a VA shares your faith, and who shares your values.

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Our virtual assistants can help you in a variety of ways, but they have the most impact when they focus on helping with day-to-day operations. We specialize in creating a personalized and customized virtual assistant solution for each client. 

Our team of VAs are designed to suit your specific lifestyle, ministry or needs. There are a wide range of personal assistant solutions that we offer, from simple data entry or administrative assistance tasks, to more complex tasks like maintaining calendars and driving schedules, or even ordering flowers for an anniversary or creating a shopping list. 

We price ourselves to make it EASY on you. No hidden fees, long-term commitments or minimum hour requirements. You pay as you go and get quality work! 



Best of all, our team shares YOUR values and dreams. We believe God has granted you a unique role and we want to help you steward it well. 

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